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There's been lots of problematic shit on my various social media sites and it's beginning to piss me off. For an example, all these shenanigans from the VMAs. I knew I was going to hear more than I liked to about it, but not to this extent. I KNEW people were going to call Miley a slut, but then they're blaming her, saying it's "her responsibility" to be a good role model and that if other girls mimic her behavior they'll end up pregnant and/or druggies... what?

Who the fuck are you to say that?
Really? Are girls really so impressionable, are people's parenting tactics really that shitty, to where they're influenced so heavily by one person in pop media? Maybe, this should be used as an opportunity on how not to act in public, not because it was "slutty" but because it was really distasteful. I hate the slut arguement, because I'm a girl who likes wearing mini skirts, push up bras, and fishnets. I don't do it every fucking day, but does it matter? I dress that way, in public and private, because I like to. Not because I'm trying to attract someone for a sexual encounter, and even if I was is that so fucking wrong? Why is sex so evil? Why is seeking it outside of a relationship something to shame other people for? The worst that can happen is a bucket of regret and venereal disease. I'm not belittling those things, because they do suck and one's health is really important, but I think it's also important to let people touch the flames themselves, if consistent effort has been put in to help someone out yet they won't listen.

And of course NO ONE IS CALLING OUT ROBIN THICKE FOR HIS BEHAVIOR DESPITE THE FACT HE IS A MARRIED MAN OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER FATHER AND A GODDAMNED SEXIST, because it's more fun to just spit in Miley. Jesus fucking Christ I am done with humanity. Done. People are so fucking stupid.

And on top of all this, there's a witchy group I'm a part of I just keep seeing the dumbest shit in... I'm unsure if they were literal or not, but one person wanted someone in their life to die. To be be dead. I really hope they were just pissed and actually not contemplating killing someone over trying to sabotage their relationship, because that's fucking crazy. That isn't even curse shaming, as it is a matter of sense, and if they really thought that was okay I am going to question their mental stability. Admittedly it's the worst of what has gone on, except for one hoodlum claiming to be a "certified reader" who got their credentials from a metaphysical church and also claiming "gypsy magic" was an influence on his practices, only to say gypsy magic means the practices of irish travellers, a.k.a. slavic sorcery. Just... no... Gypsy's offensive you dipwad, it's a slur, even if it was a shorthand of saying something else, but you also used the slur inaccurately. Last I heard gypsies [who should be known as Rroma] were not slavic or irish. Perhaps there are those who resided in those lands but to knowledge they're generally not of that ethnicity. Ugh. And this guy's been a witch and pagan for 10 years. Aaaaand he listed Silver Ravenwolf as one of his influences.

I just want to spew lava on things and watch them melt. I want to break bones and tear bolts of cloth to pieces with long claws. I've been so prone to anger lately, I've been letting anger take its hold. I don't know if I like it, but it makes me feel stronger, like a force to be reckoned with. I know I like that aspect of it, I just worry about my temper being difficult to control. I know part of it is E rubbing off on me, but I have a feeling this was already growing inside of me, waiting for the right time to blossom, and meeting her was the catalyst.
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