Feb. 9th, 2014 12:30 am
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 You know, I thought that maybe the baby would have to be bottle fed, not its mother. Damn me and my blood cravings, I'm a true blue Bella Fucking Swan over here. Good thing J brought me those mason jars..

I think the baby is a girl. We haven't decided on names, but we're leaning more towards french ones like Nicole and Charlotte, since that is what he likes and I think they're pretty too. I was contemplating Aislinn, but I think the baby's fetch may be named that instead.

I don't want to sound too Twilightey, but I can feel the baby's personality already, its aura. It's lilac and twilight-oceany blue, it sparkles and is terribly intelligent. She's gonna be an Aquarius after all, it doesn't help J and I are such hardcore thinkers as it is. She's going to be the most inquisitive little squirt there is. o.o

When I went Over There today, I looked a good 5 months pregnant. I hope the baby can wait a good 3-4 days, I want to be able make the fetch before I give birth.

I think I talked to her, too. She heard me crying last night, apologizing to her that I may not be able to provide very well and that I felt alone, and she told me that she loved me and that it was okay. It was both heart warming and heart breaking, ever how woo it is. I love her so much already. [I may use she and it interchangably, but I'm rather sure it's a girl.]
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