Feb. 9th, 2014


Feb. 9th, 2014 12:30 am
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 You know, I thought that maybe the baby would have to be bottle fed, not its mother. Damn me and my blood cravings, I'm a true blue Bella Fucking Swan over here. Good thing J brought me those mason jars..

I think the baby is a girl. We haven't decided on names, but we're leaning more towards french ones like Nicole and Charlotte, since that is what he likes and I think they're pretty too. I was contemplating Aislinn, but I think the baby's fetch may be named that instead.

I don't want to sound too Twilightey, but I can feel the baby's personality already, its aura. It's lilac and twilight-oceany blue, it sparkles and is terribly intelligent. She's gonna be an Aquarius after all, it doesn't help J and I are such hardcore thinkers as it is. She's going to be the most inquisitive little squirt there is. o.o

When I went Over There today, I looked a good 5 months pregnant. I hope the baby can wait a good 3-4 days, I want to be able make the fetch before I give birth.

I think I talked to her, too. She heard me crying last night, apologizing to her that I may not be able to provide very well and that I felt alone, and she told me that she loved me and that it was okay. It was both heart warming and heart breaking, ever how woo it is. I love her so much already. [I may use she and it interchangably, but I'm rather sure it's a girl.]
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 You know, this baby better be cute because I had to kill a fucking pony for it, and I still feel bad for taking an innocent life even though it was actually delicious.  :I It couldn't even defend itself, but the deer wasn't cutting it, it lacked something Baby needed. I apologized to that horse, even if it didn't understand what I was saying. I tried to keep the pain as minimal as possible, and for once, I did not eat its heart. There is no sport, no trophy to be won for taking a lamb to the slaughter. He was so big and beautiful too, easily 7 and a half feet tall.. I wonder if he was some kind of super horse. He didn't seem to be smarter, nor did he have the ability to talk. Sigh. At least Baby's sated. Earlier after I ate, she gave off the energetic equivalent of purring, it was preeeetty precious.

Thank god I got another vial of astral oil earlier. Mom was clearly annoyed I wanted to go to the shop, but I begged her, telling her that it was basically an emergency. I don't want to use too much mugwort before she's born, it just doesn't feel right, whereas the oil slips me Over There in no time. It's cheap shit too, 5 bucks for a few ounces, and it takes only a 4-6 drops to work its magic.

I need to start "shopping" for things to use for the fetch. I may use cat's claws and chinchilla hair. I have chameleon skin, I think that will prove very valuable. I am contemplating using some of my parrot's feathers, but I'm not sure for what qualities other than loudness . I will probably use dog hair for loyalty, even though I don't think of either one of my mongrels as particularly loyal. xD Wait... I think I have a fossilized shark tooth. YAAS BROTHAH YAAAS THIS SHALL BE EASIER THAN I THOUGHT. *does a little dance*


Feb. 9th, 2014 11:25 pm
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Her lullaby, as far as I'm concerned. Annabelle's Wish is very her, from what I can tell.

 I cleansed the body of the fetch, and made her another outfit and toy Over There. It's all I had energy to do. I'm exhausted. I really hope I'm not a bad mother. She deserves nothing but the best.

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