Feb. 10th, 2014


Feb. 10th, 2014 11:23 pm
aravelle: (family)
 I take my breaks at school in the bathroom, so I can sing her lullabies. I am doing my best to try not to bed, yell, or swear while I have in me, just because I don't know how it'll affect her. J confirmed she is indeed a she. I ate another horse, provided by J, this time a palomino mare. I honestly don't know if I've ever felt so invigorated, like I've had so much energy. I'm left to wonder if I'm a pychic vampire; I have very vampiric qualities Over There. I just.. I haven't had this kind of energy since I was a kid, I'm always tired, I am taking multiple vitamins a day and am rather sure I am absorbing them. For the most part, I'm a pretty healthy person, I've had so many different tests done [thanks to mom's stellar medical insurance], I'm starting to feel the only logical explanation is my being a vamp. I'm having to feed more and more as of late, not regarding Over There so much as I am in this body. I'm grazing the surface of the energy in rooms, skimming it for the good stuff. I'm taking in the energetic aroma of animals, my pets and others. I hesitate to say it's becoming a problem, but I think I am a lot better off when I feed. I wish E lived close by, she has plenty of energy, even if it isn't totally clean..
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