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I like how I seem most drawn to Norse mythology and demons. It just seems to define me well, even if I don't work heavily -if at all- with either of those. J is Norse and I work with/provide offerings for one of his relatives every so often and that's where it ends. I've only made one deal with a demon, although I'd like to make more in the future, esp when I learn ceremonial magic.

These aren't my priorities right now though. I want to learn how to manipulate the weather, and nightmares. They're on my hitlist, that and growing more confident with sea witchery... and getting a damned tarot deck. Based on these things alone I feel like I have so much potential as a witch, to be someone truly powerful. I'm hoping that if I join Nat's coven, that I'll learn how to deal with nightmares. Weather magic, I think I can learn mostly on my own with the right resources.

I talked with Momma earlier. Her essence, and J's, inadvertently tell me whom I'm going to be, what I'm going to be like. Their essences are going to influence me heavily; they already have. She reminds me of desert sand and amber earth, of lions and cave drawings and fire and earth. J is darkness and water, he is the silent storm, the radiance in the dark. I'm proud to be influenced by such forces, to have such people in my life. I am blessed.
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