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 When you have a boy, a man, whose willing to fight for you, who always has even when you didn't know it, and you feel the need to return it and you don't know now. It's bad enough Father Forest doesn't like him. If Father Forest hurts him, I will... I will be more than an angry girl. I will be a woman enraged, a wraith from the waters deep, a serpent with venom ready. I love them both, but he can't hurt him, he can't touch him. If he must, it better be for a good goddamned reason, and not because he impregnated me.

Speaking of impregnating, J and I kind of worked together to split me in two, so I can bi-locate now. Well, it is kind of like bi-locating, because a part of me is always there. It's much nicer having part of there to watch the baby, then to have some dumb nanny. I like how he did that instead of making a temporary fetch. I still need to work on Penelope's. I already have certain things decided; how she will be a horse but not, she'll be carnivorous and ruthless, but gentle to our family and allies. She will have a strong intuition and be strangely beautiful and arguably terrifying. But she'll love little Penny, she'll love her with a fury but won't be clingy or have it be an unhealthy love. She's just loyal. It was funny, as I started laying the blueprints for her, I felt tinges of her, along with Penelope, I felt them the same. They're going to be best buddies, I bet, like Hercules and Pegasus.

The baby herself is quiet, quiet for a baby. She is very observant, very intelligent and alert. I remember when she was born, I didn't hear her cry immediately and I was frantic. But J handled me with such grace, he stayed so calm, cool as a cucumber, and re-assured me that she was alive. Her being a breach birth didn't help, nor was me holding her in as long as I did. It probably wasn't very good for the either of us, in retrospect. I was just stubborn. At least her birth didn't hurt.


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